Brokerage Fees are an Investment

Like everything else in your business, brokerage fees are an investment. If you get a great return on investment, the fees are worth it. If you get little value, even a discount office can be too expensive.

Brokerages have hidden their fees for too long. At RE/MAX FIRST our fees are transparent, and we’ll help you determine if joining is a good investment in the growth of your business.

We believe in a maximum of 25% split so even when your cap resets, you still have money to invest in your business.

If your brokerage can't tell you in one sentence or less how much you'll pay, they're hiding something.

Our fees are transparent and an investment in your business. We're happy to provide a direct comparison to other options and many agents pay more out of pocket to join us, but their investment is worthwhile since after a year, their net income is significantly higher.

One Structured Fee Includes Industry Leading Tools and Marketing

Industry Leading Tools

  • Free
  • ListHub Pro, Top Producer, Placester
  • VoicePad, Reesio, Fivestreet, RE/MAX University
  •, RE/MAX Launchpad,

Growth Track

  • 75/25 Split with $13,080 cap
  • 95/5 after the cap
  • $410 Annual to RE/MAX Corporate
  • E/O Included at no additional charge

Personal Marketing

  • Free
  • Design Center, VoicePad, Single Property Websites,
  • YouTube Videos, Virtual Tours, Personalized Websites
  • In-House Graphics Artist, Internal Marketing Resources

It’s that simple. Know what every bill and check will look like, every time.

We’ll help you do effective budgeting, both personally and professionally, so your income is secure and you’re making sound investments.