RE/MAX FIRST is a forward-thinking brokerage,
but it’s not about us, it’s about our agents.

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Work Where Best Fits YOU!

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Work Where Best Fits YOU!

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At RE/MAX FIRST, our vision is simple: “POSITIVELY ENHANCING PEOPLE’S LIVES.” There are many challenging aspects of the real estate industry, and we feel strongly that our vision not only support the consumer, but the agent as well.

Improving the real estate experience requires more than just tech. It starts at the brokerage level. A brokerage that supports and guides agents positively impacts the agent and client experiences and attracts like-minded agents.

Our Purpose: We help independent business owners thrive by fostering entrepreneurial development.

How does your brokerage treat you?

It's about you, not us. What do you need to build your business? Don't get put into a box, we'll help you build a customized business that fits your style.
What might that look like? What do you need to get to the next level?


Technology makes our lives better, but only if it doesn't become a distraction.


Our agents are efficient. They spend less time on the administrative and marketing side of their business.


There is no generic plan for succeeding in real estate.


Our agents are smart. We help them build systemized, sustainable, and profitable business models.


Effective marketing can jumpstart your business, but only if done right.


Our agents are pragmatic. They develop marketing systems and implement with consistency.

What We Do

We Teach Solutions For Your Everyday Problems

  • Convenient Office Locations

  • Work From Any Office Location

  • Dedicated Broker Support

  • Superior Technology

  • Extensive Training

  • Endless Collaboration and Support

  • Comprehensive Marketing Programs

  • Social Media Training and Marketing

  • In-house Attorney

We’ve developed a brokerage model to help agents thrive in the new market. Built with cutting edge technology, transparent fees, and the largest national and international brand, RE/MAX FIRST is the new brokerage model for successful agents.

Our training program for experienced agents gives them a significant advantage over their peers. While most brokerages stop training once an agent no longer has transaction-related questions, we find that the perfect time to begin. With mastery of real estate accomplished, our agents are positioned for technology and efficiency mastery and ready to take their business to the next level.

Our agents have access to the best tools, training, and resources the industry has to offer. We built custom technology to address the slow pace of real estate innovation and help our agents utilize the latest marketing strategies that are yet to hit the real estate world.

Technology is an easy buzzword for brokerages to over-use. Everyone in the RE/MAX FIRST family is immersed in technology – the brokers and staff. Tech training taught by tech experts; tech done right makes agents more efficient.

At RE/MAX FIRST we teach real skills that make agents faster – from PDF manipulation to ZipForm templates. We like technology; we’re eager to try new applications that help agents grow their business. We explore beyond the basic features, so we can help agents utilize the full power of available technology.

Agents learn new skills as soon as they join RE/MAX FIRST, and as a result, their production increases their first year. We work one-on-one to identify blind spots and perfect processes. With our monthly training classes, education is always available and new skills are just around the corner.

Whether your goal is to make more money or have more time, both are possible with efficiency improvements. Through one-on-one discussions, we learn about each agent’s systems and methods, and we identify areas for improvement.

When we consult one-on-one, we look at the whole picture – your priorities, style, habits, interests, skills. We design plans that embrace your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Agents must constantly balance their personal lives with their business lives, and sometimes the two collide. Our consulting addresses both – because when your personal life impacts your business, it’s important to find solutions quickly.

Our goal is not only for agents to save time but also to have more energy and focus. When agents learn to make their email less chaotic, they enjoy more their day. When agents time-block their calls, they feel less frazzled and more in control.

At RE/MAX FIRST, we’re an ambitious group, but we’re never in competition with each other. Agents constantly share ideas – whether it’s for mailers, sphere maintenance, or open houses. No egos, no clashes.

Every agent employs a variety of methods to develop and maintain their business. RE/MAX FIRST agents share their methods and come up with new ideas together. They share vendor referrals and offer open house opportunities.

Collaboration allows us to constantly improve. For example, when someone discovers something that saves time, they share it. We learn from each other, and we all improve.

Who Should Join

We are a forward thinking brokerage focused on agent success. We recruit based on culture, ambition, and kindness.

Our profitability is tied to agent success not headcount, so we seek agents with growth potential. Our split structure is designed to help agents grow, no matter their production level. Whether you produce $2 million or $10 million – we’re invested in your growth.

If you join RE/MAX FIRST, your peers will be collaborative and goal-oriented… No Egos.  We’re not out to be the big brokerage; we’re out to be a brokerage with great agents, and we recruit those who value and enrich our unique culture.

We envision a brokerage-agent relationship with more value. We built RE/MAX FIRST with values that are not defined by traditions from another time. Our training is about saving agents time and helping them make more money. We teach skills that are immediately useful, and new agents increase productivity right away. Managing brokers are invested in each agent – from business plans, to marketing ROI, to lead generation. It’s pretty simple, really: we help agents.




It's time to expect more


Be the future of real estate


Our Proven Process, Produces Results


Extensive research and analysis helps us identify an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. We identify the greatest impact and start with small steps.


We work together to build a personalized plan to accomplish the agent’s goals. There are 100 ways to succeed, we just need to find the right fit.


Acting on a plan is always the biggest challenge for an agent. We work together to automate and systemize the plan to increase the success rate.


After implementation, we consistently evaluate and improve the plan, always seeking a more efficient and productive business.

5. YOU

Without your continuous passion to grow to be the best you can be none of these things matter. Join us and see what the countless resources at RE/MAX FIRST can do for you.


I will be honest when I say that I thought I was comfortable with a small independent company and due to circumstances found that I had no choice but to move. I was somewhat scared of getting swallowed up by a bigger company, not having as much control over my business and not getting as much business from a bigger company. So, I made the move to RE/MAX FIRST with some skepticism. What I found out quickly is that the move I made is one of the best moves I could have made. I truly enjoy being a part of RE/MAX FIRST and you can tell by everyone’s attitudes, that everyone I have met feels the same way. RE/MAX FIRST has opened up so much more potential for me and I know that I will have the biggest year that I have ever had in 2014. Looking back in the short time I have been with the company, I can see that I have made the move that I needed to make and I look forward to learning more everyday.
RE/MAX FIRST cultivates a very collaborative and supportive atmosphere where agents are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and best practices. This is punctuated by cutting edge technology, highly competent staff and the most proactive, dedicated and committed broker Bill Burns. RE/MAX fosters a culture of inclusion and downright fun!
Cat Stevens
I came to RE/MAX FIRST from another RE/MAX office and I can say not all offices are the same. I am very happy with the welcome I have received, and the training is amazing. Bill Burns really wants to see his agents succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are a new agent or have been in real estate for years your business will benefit from his teachings.
Teresa Jewell
I couldn’t have asked for a better brokerage to start with. From the support of everyone in the office to the training and systems that are in place to ensure your success. I feel confident I made the best choice by making RE/MAX FIRST my home.
RE/MAX FIRST is a decision I’ve never 2nd guessed! Starting a new career late in life can be very intimidating at the very least! In what is known as a very competitive profession, I wasn’t sure what to expect my 1st day in the office. The welcome mat was out and everyone was there to help. It’s remained that way since! There is never a sense of competing, ideas are shared and everyone celebrates the others’ successes! Bill and Angie have created an environment to succeed, giving us the best tools with continued training and energy!!
Darlene Tucker